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Impulses initiated in naked nerve ending

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Nachum Dafny, Ph. Most of the sensory and somatosensory modalities are primarily informative, whereas pain is a protective modality. Pain differs from the classical senses hearing, smell, taste, touch, and vision because it is both a discriminative sensation and a graded emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Pain is a submodality of somatic sensation. The word "pain" is used to describe a wide range of unpleasant sensory and emotional experiences associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Nature has made sure that pain is a signal we cannot ignore.
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Nerve impulse

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Does a woman only have nerve endings near the front of her vagina?

The Peripheral Nervous System pp Cite as. The structure of the Pacinian corpuscle was described by Pacini It is widely distributed in mammals and is similar to the Herbst corpuscles found in birds. The Pacinian corpuscle is an ovoid structure about 1 mm in length and is easily seen by the naked eye in a number of locations such as the mesentery. On microscopic examination, the lamellar structure of the corpuscle is evident, the lamellae giving an appearance which has been likened to a section through an onion. The corpuscle is innervated by a myelinated sensory axon of medium diameter which terminates within the center of the corpuscle.
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Nerve cells, nerve impulses

The spinal cord runs along the inside of the vertebral column and serves as the signaling conduit between the brain and the periphery. The spinal cord is a long, thin, tubular bundle of nervous tissue and support cells that extends from the medulla oblongata of the brain to the level of the lumbar region. The brain and spinal cord together make up the central nervous system CNS.
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Here we determined the morphology of functionally defined polymodal receptors and cold thermoreceptors in the guinea pig corneal epithelium. Polymodal receptors and cold thermoreceptors were identified by extracellular recording at the surface of the corneal epithelium. After marking the recording sites, corneas were processed to reveal immunoreactivity for the transient receptor potential channels TRPV1 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 1 or TPRM8 transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 8. These findings indicate that modality specific corneal sensory neurons with unencapsulated nerve endings have distinct nerve terminal morphologies that are likely to relate to their function.
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