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People that piss me off

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Do you have someone in your life who continually seems to piss off everyone around them? Dealing with such a toxic individual can be exhausting, challenging and is a complete waste of your energy. Life is short, try not to waste your time and energy on people who are constantly creating problems. Gavin was in science class and the students were partnering up for a science fair project. Before he could find someone else to partner with, Reed cornered him and asked him to be his partner. Reed was a very hard individual to like and was in need of an attitude adjustment.
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Why do people piss me off?

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Why do people piss me off? | Yahoo Answers

A punching bag would probably be more useful. They go on with percentages relative to race, religion, and political affiliation — interesting, but to be taken with a grain of salt as always. And as you know, expectation is the number one killer of all relationships. And that means that you have gremlins inside you that wish to control your environment, including other people. Just like toddlers.
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Top ten comebacks for someone who pisses you off

I wonder why they think they need to drop their emotional baggage onto me even though I did nothing wrong. Why must people bring me down when all I am being is myself? They need to check themselves before they wreck themselves and others people! There is no justifiable reason to be rude to others, so why do people do it anyway?
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Babies on planes? Cutting in line? Being flat out disrespectful? The list goes on and on!
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